MintKeeper - Resealable Graded Sleeves - PSA Perfect Fit

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  • Clear resealable sleeves designed to protect PSA or PSA sized slabs perfectly with a tight outer fit.
  • Graded slab sleeves will help protect your valuable graded card slabs from scratches and keeps them clean.
  • Clear 50 Micron thick polypropylene sleeves with a resealable strip makes sealing the bag hassle free and no tape is needed.
  • Made with archival-safe materials. No PVC and Acid Free.
  • Size: 86mm x 140mm + 25mm lip designed for PSA size or similar size Slabs. Other slabs may be larger size.
  • Fits PSA or other brands with the same size slabs and MintKeeper Semi Rigid Card Holders.
  • Doesn’t not fit all sized slabs but will fit PSA, CGC, MGC.

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