MintKeeper - 9 Pocket Premium Zip Trading Card Binder

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  • The premium 9 pocket trading card binder will store up to 360 standard sized trading cards in total. It has a high quality metal zip to keep the binder closed when not in use and helps prevent dust from entering.
  • The textured aqua outer cover is made of PU plastic which gives it a premium feel. The front, back and side of the binder has been reinforced and padded and is designed to keep your cards in mint condition.
  • DESIGN - The premium card binder contains twenty built in 18-Pocket pages (9 pockets on each side with the black web material dividing) with 360 side-loading pockets in total. Each pocket is backed with a padded black web material that also creates a no-slip grip for cards - additional pages can NOT be added.
  • BINDER SIZE - The binder is 26.5cm x 35cm
  • POCKET SIZE - Designed to fit standard sized thickness sleeved trading cards up to 68mm x 97mm (will not fit toploaders)
  • COMPATIBILITY - The Pockets will fit a wide range of standard trading cards and the no slip grip helps frame various size cards. It is compatible with popular games like Pokemon, Magic The Gathering (MTG), Baseball, Sports, Yugioh, Dragon Ball Z, Topps, Star Wars, Panini and many more. It will also fit cards in MintKeeper Soft sleeves and MintKeeper Matte and Glossy card Sleeves.
  • Made with High quality materials and contains no PVC and is Acid Free

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